If you’re an Apple Mac user, you’ll be pleased to note that BetterInvesting Portfolio Manager is capable of running on Macs that have Windows compatibility.  Here are a few comments from such users describing the systems they are using to run Portfolio Manager.  If you are successfully using Portfolio Manager on an Apple system, please submit your comments for others to read.

"Back in October, I asked you about installing PM v5 on a Mac with Windows capability. Thought you'd be pleased to hear the results. I also have tried to put in enough detail below to give you some confidence in future advising to us former PC users who now own 'Fruit'.  Although Parallels and VM Ware offer well-accepted virtual machine solutions to running Windows apps on a Mac, I decided to install a Windows XP partition using Boot Camp--an application Apple wrote into its OS X  10.5 (aka "Leopard"). PM v5 installed perfectly. It is running like a fine Swiss watch.  There's lots of horsepower with a 2.0 ghz Intel Core Duo processor and 2 gigs of RAM. You can be confident that your app will install and run without any issues on any of Apple's Intel chipped machines running Leopard (meaning Boot Camp is an integral component of the OS). I also installed PM v5 a second time on a MacBook.  The MacBook is also an Intel chip (2.4 ghz Core 2 Duo) and also has 2 gig RAM.  It also runs Leopard.  I made a Boot Camp partition on the MacBook as well--again using XP SP2.  It is running just as nicely as on the iMac.  In both cases, following your directions, I loaded my portfolios on the new installations using a v5 backup file. The portfolios came over just fine. Again -- you can have confidence nothing will be lost. Continue to really like PM. Your periodic improvements are excellent, and the support from all of you at QUANT IX is terrific."

“I have used PRK and then PM5 when it came out on my PowerMac G5 with Virtual PC until I bought a new iMac24 inch dual core Intel 2.8 GHz in January, which runs PM5 flawlessly and very fast.   Truly PM5 just keeps getting better with each update.  It runs as smoothly and flawlessly as any Apple software I have used.  I have seven portfolios with about 50 separate stocks mixed in as many as 5 portfolios each.  PM 5 has so many different reports I can use and it is the only program I’ve been able to find that can give me the Annualized earnings of a single stock I hold in multiple portfolio, that have been purchased at multiple times.  There is nothing more I need.  And PM5 couldn’t work faster or smoother on any PC than it does on my Intel Dual Core iMac 2.8.  I can, without hesitation recommend PM5 as the only software you need to manage a large portfolio.  The service is also spectacular, you seem to always be there for an answer, even on a Sunday, within hours.”

“I tested your Portfolio Manager v5 on a Macintosh IBook running OSX 10.4.10, Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.2, Windows XP. I encountered absolutely NO problems during all of my testing of the v5 software. I commend you for a really clean release of your software. As I stated earlier to you, I was extremely pleased with the changes you incorporated into this release, especially the home page. Your software has made my job of monitoring my accounts easier than ever. Thanks for all of your support and for the excellent program you provide to your customers.  My congratulations to you for a job well done.”

“I was one of your beta testers for version 5, but that's not why I'm writing to you.  A couple of years ago, before version 5, I'd written to you about using your program on an Apple iMac.  You'd offered a number of suggestions, but the iMac wasn't ready for your program back then.  It is now.  For the last month I have been running your program on a new iMac with VMware Fusion and it is running fine.  I know that you must get an occasional request about using PM v5 on a Mac and I wanted you to know that it is now possible.  I believe there must be many Mac users who would greatly love to be able to run a program of this quality and now they can.  There were six programs that I run on my PC that I needed for my work and could not do without, but for which there was no Mac programming available, yours being the most important one.  For the last year, I have been running two concurrent systems--one PC and one Mac.  With the release of the new VM program, I no longer have that problem.  There are a few minor problems, mostly doing the backup on a separate drive, but I've worked around that problem, so even that's doable.  So, if you ever get any questions about it, do let them know it's not only possible, but works fine.   If I do run into any problems, I'll let you know.  I believe I've told you this before, but your Portfolio Manager is the best program around for anyone working with stocks.  I'm especially pleased that I had a tiny role in its development.  This new version 5 is the best ever.  Well done!”