One of the best ways to judge a product is to consider the testimonies received from users of the program. Since the original release of our investment software program in 1985, we've literally received 100's of letters, notes, comment cards, etc., from program users.  Here are a few of the testimonies we have received from users of the BetterInvesting™ Portfolio Manager (formerly known as the NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper; PRK).

Portfolio Manager version 5...

"My wife and I started with NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper (now Portfolio Manager v5) on January 10, 2002 and have been using it ever since. A bunch of monthly brokerage statements - six accounts plus a few mutual funds, banks, etc. do not tell me anything. I particularly like the reports and graphs I can generate using Portfolio Manager. At tax time, it is easy to figure the cost basis of all the sold securities. When I purchased the program in 2002, I had to input historical data all the way back from 1995. Portfolio Manager allowed me to do this easily. I have had very few problems with this program. All were very minor and were quickly remedied. Keep up the good work. Thanks!"

“We would like to thank you for helping to contribute to our financial success.  We started investing in 1994 with a few DRIP investments (McDonalds, Home Deport, and Synovus and $1500).  We used PRK, now called BetterInvesting's™ Portfolio Manager from the beginning.  We have grown our portfolio to $820,000 managed in eight accounts including Roth IRA’s, SEP, Rollover IRA’s and Non Sheltered portfolios.  Portfolio Manager has enabled us to successfully manage our portfolios to maximize returns and using the tools available, minimize the time spent on record keeping especially at tax time. Since I am an active trader and also reinvest dividends, the new feature in v5 that provided automatic downloads of transactions from brokers has eliminated the monthly chore of doing this manually.  Manual input was prone to error and used to take me 2 hours per month.  I have reduced the time to no more than 10 minutes with no errors.  On the few occasions when I needed help, Matt and Pete resolved my issues very quickly and professionally.  It is a pleasure to get customer support from the person who developed the software. Again thank you for contributing to our financial success.”

“We have used the Portfolio Manager/Record Keeper software since about 1996.  It solved all our DRIP record keeping problems from Excel spreadsheets.  The new Version 5 looks Great!!!   The data transfer appears to have worked fine.  I checked old reports to the new reports and reviewed some transaction information. It appears you did a Great Job on the upgrade.” 

“First of all, I finally, after much, much work have everything in one portfolio.  Throughout the whole process, I learned a lot about your program.  I was especially impressed how it handled a merger of 2 companies using a 3.65 to 1 ratio.  In Captools, it was a major headache but BI did it professionally without a problem leaving an audit trail.  I also had several splits and spin-offs without problem.  I am very impressed with the software.  Keep up the excellent work.”

“I hold over 50 different securities in several portfolios, mostly equities, and I have used your record keeping software for many years to manage my assets with confidence.    The ability to download report data to spreadsheets is very convenient and your asset allocation tools are likewise beneficial.  I recently upgraded to Portfolio Manager 5 and find that it contains many useful enhancements so now I am getting even more utility out of your software.  Tech support has always been prompt and helpful.  Keep up the good work!”

“I have been using Portfolio manager for at least 12 years.  Probably the most important thing that it has done for me is the discipline of doing the monthly updating as soon as I receive the statements from the broker I use.  By entering the dividends etc. it gave me reason to also look at each stock or funds performance.  At some points I did a lot of tracking of stocks, and did some short term trading.  The reports Portfolio Manager generated made calculating taxes much simpler, and also forced me to be honest about my selection process.  With the history that I now have on the system I can quickly see how my investments have grown, and it is fun to compare todays data with some of the early years.” 

“Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note about the update.  I was able to install and even transfer over all my old data without a hitch. I really like the new version. Everything I use most is more quickly available and reports are quicker to print. I like the layout very much--it's more concise and I can get to pretty much anything I want to see easily. I also like the layout of the reports, especially the alternating grey lines which make it easier to read in hard copy. Great job!”

“I Installed the new version v5 today.  You guys did a super job.  It's really great.  The quick access for portfolio selection is just one of the new features I love.”

“WOW---I have spent the last hour "playing" with my new Portfolio Manager v5.  I love the new features---particularly the ability to back up on a CD!! The ease in navigating from one portfolio to another and ease in getting various reports is really great. THANKS!”

“I tested your Portfolio Manager v5 on a Macintosh IBook running OSX 10.4.10, Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.2, Windows XP. I encountered absolutely NO problems during all of my testing of the v5 software. I commend you for a really clean release of your software. As I stated earlier to you, I was extremely pleased with the changes you incorporated into this release, especially the home page. Your software has made my job of monitoring my accounts easier than ever. Thanks for all of your support and for the excellent program you provide to your customers.  My congratulations to you for a job well done.”

“I LOVE the new interface. It is MUCH easier to use!”

“If you thought BetterInvesting Portfolio Manager was good before, wait until you try version 5!  The transition to Version 5 (beta) was easy and error free.  From the new report capabilities to the robust option features, Version 5 will serve all users remarkably well.  At tax time and whenever you want to see how your portfolio is really doing, just fire up the new version and let it prove to you why it’s so much better than a spreadsheet or similar pretender programs.  Throw in the best support in the NAIC universe, should you need it, and you’ll appreciate why the upgrade makes Version 5 of the Portfolio Manager the best price/performance product of its kind!”

“Portfolio Manager is undoubtedly the most useful and best program I have on my computer.  I can't tell you how much time, frustration, and money it has saved for me with its sophisticated usefulness but simplicity of operation from the first version on over the years. Far superior to any other program I have used. Version 5 is a gem.”

“Thanks for a great program and the super-quick and comprehensive response! If only more companies would provide the customer service you do!  By all means feel free to use my comments. They are sincere and I like to give credit where credit is due.”

“Thanks again for such a cool program.  My wife and I were able to take her mothers box of statements from inherited accounts and make sense of them.  She had AT&T from the 40's so you can imagine the splits and spin offs. Our kids are also using the program to keep track of their college accounts.”

“I can't imagine life without Portfolio Manager……….”

“Seamless transition from older version 3.0. Pressed a button and it was done! Bravo!”

“I love the new interface.  You’ve made a program that was already powerful and easy to use more powerful and even easier to use.  To borrow from the world of Business intelligence, this is Portfolio Intelligence at my fingertips.”

“I've been using this program since version 2 several years ago, when it was called Portfolio Record Keeper.  The program has saved me lots of time & trouble with tax records.  This latest update incorporates many features that make it easier to use. The Willms brothers are very responsive to user problems, comments and suggestions.  I've often had late Sunday night questions answered within the hour.”

“This is the best PRK ever and I think the users will love the upgrade.”

"I recently consolidated all of my investment accounts to Charles Schwab & Co., transferring five accounts held at another broker. One of the features that Schwab now offers is to keep tract of the cost bases of your investments. For the transferred accounts, I needed to supply that information to them. Having everything fully tracked in Portfolio Manager v5, I easily printed out basis reports for the accounts.  Upon giving those reports to one of their veteran brokers, he was completely 'blown away.' He had never had a client supply such a complete and easy-to -understand report. He said that they normally get an incomplete report or, worse, a stack of statements. In my case, all he had to do was to forward the reports to their data entry staff, saving him hours of time."

“I’ve been using Portfolio Manager V5.0 since early this year in beta version.  It was very easy to transfer my PRK V4 files over to the new program. My data files go back to January 1995, for two people, three portfolios each.  Immediately, I was impressed with the great improvement in the reports, such as sharp and clear appearance, flexibility and power.  In late March, at income tax time, I used PM V5 to prepare investment capital gain and income reports for my wife and me, and it was breeze.  In April my old computer crashed and I got a new one with Vista installed.  I was able to re-install Portfolio Manager and my data files from a recent backup, and the program worked perfectly with Vista.  Anyone who has recently switched to Vista will appreciate this point.  I highly recommend PM V5 to current version 4 users as a big improvement, and also to new users who will find the program easy to run and keep on top of your s tock investments.”

Portfolio Manager (Portfolio Record Keeper) version 4 and earlier...

"Portfolio Record Keeper is a great program. Wish I'd used it starting years ago!!! Keep up the great work."

"Thank you for your very prompt response time…about 20 minutes. You guys are great. And PRK is great software."

"Yes, I bought the full version of Portfolio Record Keeper. It is an awesome program for $80. I would have paid five times that. PRK is so user friendly and well thought out. Can't remember when I have been so pleased with a software product."

"PRK is a great application to organize, report and use all of your investment information. The reports are great at tax time to summarize the data for a tax year. The alerts are an awesome tool for watching stocks and get notified when they enter your buy or sell zones using the data from your completed SSGs. The program also reports on your portfolio diversification against the target diversification splits that you choose. And while users may argue over their favorite points of the software, I think one of the best is the very simple choices that PRK gives you when doing a partial sale - MINIMUM gain, MAXIMUM gain, LOT identification, etc. - depending on what your objective is, the program will help you achieve the most capital gain or the largest capital loss for tax filing. The program is great for people who file their own taxes (just attach the tax compliance PRK reports to your tax returns, if necessary), OR give it to your accountant who does your tax returns for you."

"My main regret with PRK is that I did not start using it earlier. I really like the program."

"I really like your program. I've been using it since 1996! And have been singing its praises ever since."

"The software has been a wonderful investment. It has saved me a lot of time and manual work!! Last year was the first year I used the software for year end reports and they worked great."

"I love your software."

"I've been a very happy PRK user for many years and plan to be for many more. Keep up the good work."

"I’m getting more and more people to sign up for PRK. Great program. Fantastic program."

"I would not hesitate to recommend your programs at anytime."

"I tried PRK for about 3 weeks ... works great ... I bought the full version from NAIC this week. PRK has given me the tools to look back at some old stock games (portfolios) and see how they have done versus other alternatives. The IRR really helps to see how individual stock selections have done over varying holding periods."

"I have used PRK for at least twelve years (clear back to when it was a DOS program). Even though it is a powerful program, it is very user friendly.

PRK has been regularly upgraded with new features to where it has evolved into a very useful investment tool."

"We are managing about six different portfolios including IRA's using PRK and have a mix of stocks, bonds, and funds. It's nice to be able to see our true allocation without breaking out an Excel spreadsheet."

"I have been using PRK for many years. The program is wonderful, allowing me to follow many portfolios. This program enables me to know total returns, annual returns including dividends. The graphs and charts as to your holdings are superior. At tax time my accountant states the format is great and very orderly. The support is the best I ever received very timely and knowledgeable."

"It’s nice to see that your technical support is faster than I was expecting."

"I track and reconcile a large number of investments held by 3 custodians/managers. I have been using PRK for a year. Setting up my portfolios was easy. In addition to being very "user friendly" in recording transactions, PRK allows me to customize the content and reporting periods of my reports. I highly recommend it for any size portfolio!"

"There's no better product out there and support couldn't be any better."

"We depend entirely on the PRK to keep track of our portfolio and to print out the reports at tax time. The PRK does a beautiful job, performs the necessary calculations and reduces the cost of tax preparation. Thanks for your help."

"Oh and by the way, can I tell you how much I love PRK! I was able to do my taxes so easily because of the program. I had to sell some stock in March / April and because my records were up to date in PRK it was just a matter of running a report. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

"Portfolio Record Keeper is nothing short of fantastic! You folks have thought of everything! Many thanks."

"Thanks again for this terrific program. I'm pleased every time I use Portfolio Record Keeper."

"I just wanted to let you know that I really love your PRK software. It has literally saved me hundreds of hours of time when I had a couple of spin-offs from drip accounts that I sold and had to figure cost basis for IRS reporting. In addition to the above, PRK has come through for me in figuring several stock splits and mergers, and when I consolidated from several brokerages into one. Thank you for a wonderful package that keeps improving with each upgrade."

"Kudos to PRK support services. I was stuck with a problem over the holiday week-end. I never expected to receive an e-mail answer the same day I wrote on Sunday Dec. 26. I would call that "service supreme". Thanks PRK staff."

"Thank you for your excellent program PRK."

"Having invested since 1978, I had struggled for many years to adequately track and evaluate my investment portfolios. However, since using the NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper, I have been able to enter my full history of all current holdings. It can easily handle complex transactions such as spin-offs and mergers. I no longer have to guess what my returns, cost basis, and diversification are. I highly recommend PRK for tracking and managing your investments."

"As a professional income tax consultant I strongly urge every investor to use PRK to track their stock histories. Invariably, when my clients sell a stock they don't have complete information to arrive at the "basis" of the shares sold. Consequently they have to go back to their brokers, who sold them the shares, to find out the purchase dates, purchase prices, and commissions paid. The PRK report "Sold Securities" gives them everything their CPA or tax preparer need to complete their schedule "D" Capital Gains/Losses."

"Just a line to let you know that I really like the way you are telling and showing how to use the NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper in your newsletters. It helps a lot. My grandson wants to learn about stocks so I have ordered the PRK for him and told him how helpful you are if he has a problem. Keep up the good work."

"By the way, I really like the NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper. The more I use it the more I like it. Your regular newsletters are always enlightening and add to the usefulness of PRK4. I have been using my old program alongside yours (old dogs, new trick you know...) since I bought yours. I've determined not to do that any more since I've now seen how good and useful your program is. And, your support is the best!"

"Thanks for a comprehensive description on the updates to PRK version 4 in the December newsletter. Sometimes I tend to gloss over all these improvements as they dribble in, but when seen as a composite, I realize how comprehensive they are. I've used the software since 1996 and have found it to be such an asset at tax time as well as for performance review during the year. Thanks for a great product."

"Just thought I'd say thanks for the 4.07 update. It's great to have the ability to choose the portfolios to include in my asset allocation report. That was the missing link in 4.06. Glad you addressed it so quickly. I have every transaction recorded in PRK my financial portfolios have had since PRK has been available to NAIC members. It's easy to due taxes each year because my cost basis for stock sales are instantly available as are dividends. Each quarter I check my total holdings asset allocation and rebalance if necessary. Thanks again."

"PRK will support any number of portfolios consisting of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. The reports that the program produces are above and far beyond anything that I have ever seen ... Quicken, CNBC, etc. If I had to recommend one single NAIC software program, it would be PRK. No reflection on any of the stock analysis tools but, if I had to, I could still use paper and pencil to prepare my SSGs, but I could not possibly replicate PRK and what it does for me. I currently manage 7 portfolios and w/o PRK, that would not be possible. PRK belongs on your PC. Better Investing!"

"I have been using PRK for 10 years worth of records. It is really great. It is so easy to use and makes nice charts and reports. Thanks."

"The NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper brings everything that the others (Quicken & Money) don't do (or don't do extremely well) including all of the types of stock transactions that can and have happened (stock split, stock dividend, spin offs & mergers). In addition to keeping multiple portfolios (after tax, IRA, Roth, etc.) shares straight, the more important cost basis is maintained as well. I've worked through manually trying to figure the accurate cost basis of a real stock with multiple splits and it wasn't pretty, but PRK keeps things simple and accurate just as you need it to. With this, you know exactly what you need to before the end of the year and/or while you're trying to make tax decisions of what to sell with the biggest tax advantage (i.e. offsetting tax losses or gains to offset year-to-date losses). (I'm focusing on stocks in my comments, but the program can handle mutual funds and bonds as well !) Another huge benefit with PRK is the partial sale functionality. In a partial sale, PRK lays out what the options are in a very clear manner so you can see the implications of the decision (i.e. realizing a minimum gain, maximum gain, FIFO or selling by specific lot/id) which in one transaction can more than cover the cost of the software with having the ability and knowledge to select the tax method of the sale. As an added benefit, I also love the PRK feature that allows you to monitor your buy and sell lists. That is, utilizing Internet pricing updates, you can immediately see what stocks are in your buy zone OR your sell zone based on YOUR SSGs ! The program has an option to go out and grab your the price for the top of your buy zone and the bottom of your sell zone and then imports them to display them in comparison to the current market price. This isn't anything related to the book keeping that is paramount, but is a huge added benefit to using the program and maintaining your portfolio and watch lists."

"Yes, I purchased the full version of NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper. Excellent reports - I especially like the sector distribution reports. I had a minor technical issue, reported it via e-mail and received an immediate response to my question. I love the outstanding technical support. I also reviewed Quicken and compared your product to Quicken and chose PRK because it focused on tracking assets. I am not interested in tracking my liabilities and expenses, since most of these items are pretty fixed. I especially like the IRR calculations. Since I have been adding to my portfolio it is extremely difficult (i.e. I haven't taken the time to do it...) to determine the Rate of Return for each year. I am sharing my experiences with the members of my investment club and I have prepared for the club some of the reports from PRK and they were amazed...Thanks for the great product."

"NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper is very easy to understand. I have a custodial account for my grand kids. The details of the cost basis can be transferred from my account to their account as I donate stock. Now the grand kids enter the monthly dividends and their reinvestment and watch their fund grow. A good way to get their interest."

"Additionally, one thing that I forgot to mention - aside from the obvious quality of the program - is the fact that Matt and Peter Willms are probably the best customer support team that we have available to clubs and/or individuals. Over the years, I have had a few questions, usually over a weekend, while working on my PRK program and I'd send an e-mailed question. More times than not, I'd receive an answer late Saturday night or Sunday afternoon from one of the boys and it always impressed me that they would be responding on their "time off from work." That's world class support and I have always appreciated their efforts to be of assistance."

"I have used PRK for years. It is a fantastic program."

"I've had PRK for two years now, and despite the fact that it did take some time to enter every club transaction and brokerage transaction from the beginning (you can convert from Quicken files however) it was worth every moment. Tax reporting issues, portfolio reports up the wazoo - all so much better than Quicken or Money could ever be."

"I have used Quicken for years and just recently updated to Premier 2005. However, I installed a trial version of PRK and have used it for about two months. It is the cat's meow when it comes to managing your portfolios. The various reports are great. PRK, in my opinion, is much better for managing investment portfolios."

"In addition when your taxes are due PRK makes it easy to assemble your dividends as to qualified and non-qualified. I am following six portfolios and this is the greatest program I ever used. PRK is always updating and adding new features. In the last two months they added features of portfolio allocation and mutual fund allocation as to percentage of investments such as stocks, bonds and cash. I would suggest downloading the demo and see all its features."

"I've always been impressed with the rapid response you have provided to e-mail and calls."

"I was impressed that you took my suggestion of a one-click backup. Well, actually, you took my suggestion one step further and you put in the functionality that backs up the data every time PRK closes. Thanks for listening, then acting, on a user suggestion."

"My husband is real impressed with these reports because now he can see on paper what our gains are. I sure do like working with PRK - thank you for giving us this software to keep our portfolios organized. I appreciate receiving, via e-mail, you monthly newsletters - they help me to understand the PRK software."

"We now have all of our data in and are having the fun of running reports. Some tweaking necessary but great stuff! Thanks for a very useful program."

"You are great software developers (the program, new update) are the best I have seen and your assistance for problems is wonderful and gives the purchaser a real feeling of confidence. NAIC is fortunate to have you among their products. Thanks again."

"Congratulations on such a fine product, saving time and increasing accuracy in entering data. And thanks, too, for the response."

"While I am writing, I would like to tell you that I really like the Version 4. A tremendous improvement."

"I love this product it passes all expectations."

"I do applaud Matt for responding to a users need to enhance PRK. This is the kind of support that makes users more loyal and dedicated to remain users."

"I love the software and sing its praises everywhere I go."

"I use PRK more than any other NAIC software and I've gotten kudos from an outside accountant the family uses for the kid's college funds which I manage."

"I've used the software since 1996 and have found it to be such an asset at tax time as well as for performance review during the year. Thanks for a great product."

"All my use of PRK is for my personal portfolios including individual, trust and partnership investments. I am a retired attorney and investment manager for a Forbes 400 family in Chattanooga. I retired at the end of 1993 and have substantial investments. One doesn't want to pay any more estate and inheritance tax than necessary, nor does one want to pass substantial assets to grandchildren without certain controls and provisions. Limited partnerships and trusts are used for these purposes. I have a PRK account for each brokerage account under my control because this makes it easier to reconcile brokerage statements and update each account in PRK. "

"PRK exceeds any record keeping program we have ever used. I've enjoyed the ease of obtaining quotes, reports, and editing. I recently started to use the calendar and price alerts and it makes my record keeping and investment decisions so much easier. Using this program, I think of how much time I am saving. The reports are detailed and very useful. The year-end tax report for capital gains can be included in the one's tax return as a schedule attached. The ease of updating with current quotes is terrific. I especially like the feature that my personal data is maintained right in my home on my hard drive and also backed up with a diskette. Thanks for a great tool. I wish I had it years ago. What more could anyone want!"

"If you own stocks or mutual funds, through regular purchases or a DRIP program, NAIC's Portfolio Record Keeper is a must have program. Whether you buy or sell, you won't have to scratch your head or guess at tax time, for those answers will be at your finger tips, right within your PRK records. With this program, a non-professional can easily maintain their investment portfolio in a professional manner. There is no other program on the market like it for such a low cost."

"The NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper is truly a fine program, and I'm convinced that every investor should own it for keeping records of their portfolio(s) ... personal and/or clubs. I track both of my investment clubs, personal accounts (personal, IRA, 401K) for myself and family members. Don't know how I got along without it all those years. This is not really an infomercial ... just a statement of fact... Better Investing!"

"Using the NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper will certainly enhance portfolio management and simplify the record keeping. I certainly agree with how much information one can learn from looking at the reports. I've been able to see just how poorly some of my mutual funds have done and how they weren't as diversified as I thought. Based on my new insight, I am going to make major changes that hopefully will improve the performance of my portfolio."

"As an investor with a substantial portfolio, it would be impossible to efficiently track cost basis, sale & purchase dates, return on investment, and sales cost(s) without this valuable tool. We'd drown in paper which can cause the IRS to wonder if we have it -- & we to wonder if we can FIND it! This software allows one to actually look forward to income tax preparation! Thanks for producing a superior product."

"My wife and I have separate portfolios which, together, contain more than 40 stocks. For years we kept track of things using spreadsheets, but these were useful only up to a point, and required a good deal of labor to maintain. Keeping adequate track of splits, spin-offs, acquisitions and the like were bad enough. The adventures really began when we had sold stock and had to calculate the tax basis. The fact that our records were not entirely complete added to the thrill. Then, last year, the owner of a local H&R Block agency recommended the Portfolio Record Keeper program. Although I dragged my feet, my wife insisted that we bring all of our records up to date and keep them via the PRK program. We had to go through the learning process, but it was well worth the effort. Your software does the necessary record keeping and calculations, and provides excellent summaries and reports. Now we have everything in good order. I can hardly wait to show H&R Block how clever we are!"

"I am much impressed with your new version. The tie-in to NAIC basic information, by way of Online Premium Services, eliminates a tremendous amount of research and improves accuracy. Prior to this new version, I just ignored the entries required for Industry Sectors, Size, S&P Stock Ratings, etc, etc. Now, with this information available through the new Autofill feature, I can use it for meaningful diversification analysis. The SSG Data import function gives a quick and neat summary of all the important statistics such as Earnings, Proj Earn, Proj Growth, Dividends, Book Value and Cash flow, which were previously not available. The current asset library now has all the essential ratios for a quick and easy comparison - all collected automatically. The historic asset library now has the ability, after one determines the date one wants, to go to the Internet to attempt to retrieve prices for these dates. I work a lot with test portfolios, so the ability to go back in time and recreate results is important for my research. There are, of course, many other improvements, and I am still in the "get acquainted " stage. My congratulations to you. You have really done an outstanding project!"

"Your software is so easy to navigate through and work with. I track 12 (very active) portfolios and have been using your software since I began. It is so user friendly. For someone new to the game of tracking portfolios 2 years ago - you have made the educational process painless."

"I have recently upgraded to PRK 4.0. The 4.0 software is fantastic. I would highly for it is an excellent value and extremely easy to use! Moreover, the response and expertise at your shop is great. I had a minor problem, and the people at QUANT IX SOFTWARE were competent and friendly, and helped me solve my problem quickly. Thank you for an excellent Portfolio Record Keeping Product."

"PRK 4 is a true winner ... just takes a bit of learning to find and use all of the new bells and whistles. I just love the "Home Page" with the synopsis of a portfolio on one page. PRK handles everything that one needs for record keeping of any stock, bond, fund portfolio and is ideal for a club or individual. I would not give it up for any other software program currently offered -- free or for a cost."

"I purchased the upgrade version from 3 to 4. I like the new changes that you have made and have been very satisified with the past version and the very fine help I receive when I have a problem or question."

"This is a great program!"

"My first and most valuable suggestion would be to purchase PRK (Portfolio Record Keeper) Version 4.0 through NAIC. It is without question the best software that I have ever seen for Portfolio Record keeping and reporting; and yes, there are some software packages that do some of the things that PRK does but IMHO they compete against PRK like a Yugo competes against a Mercedes-Benz."

"I've been a PRK user and fan for years and love the new version. Thanks again for the great support!"

"I am ever amazed that you are able to provide such outstanding service. Everywhere today vendors are cutting down on service to save money and throwing the burden back on their customers. I hope that sooner, rather than later, your wonderful service will be recognized by an explosion of entries in your order book."

"The upgrade is amazing!"

"I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the ability to compare my portfolio year to date with the S&P 500 on the home page. Great feature IMO!"

"PRK is a terrific program.... Just love it. ... If you ever want a referral you can sure use my name as an endorsement."

"I have always thought that your program was sold too cheap. I recommend it to all of my colleagues in the investment management business. Have a good day."

"There are so many things that PRK does and I don't think that you will find any better. I have complimented the makers of this software many times and the latest version 4 puts it all together."

"I use PRK daily to update all my prices. And I reconcile my brokerage records monthly. I just couldn't be without it!"

"I bought PRK (NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper) software 2 months ago, after downloading and trying out the demo for free. I have to say that I HIGHLY recommend this software. It is SO much better than Quicken, because it handles EVERYTHING that needs to be entered, whereas Quicken handled most of what I needed. But for record keeping, most wasn't enough to balance the $... I am entering every quarter of dividend reinvestment (certificate reinv and plan divs reinv), and it is going so smoothly... It is my first real view into how stock dividend reinvestments multiply your shares over time. This is an unpaid recommendation!"

"So many thanks for taking my last few calls. The PRK program has been the best answer I've found for handling the 7 portfolios over which I have responsibility for the past 17 years. PRK makes life so much easier. Your customer service has been great, cheerful and immediate. I am handling portfolios totaling in medium 8 figures and do not have an investment advisor. Brokers I use for order placing only. Peter Lynch is so right. There are over 100 securities involved in my portfolio and a good part of that in several of the others. So this PRK program makes it possible to be instantaneously current in all and even at my age - 84 - capable of reacting with a responsible decision. I feel no need for a fund manager. The results prove it, but a tool like PRK does the trick. Thanks!"

"I have recently purchased PRK and find the functions, reports and graphs fabulous. I have entered stocks, mutual funds, IRA's and family members' portfolios. The availability to perform cost basis, cash dividends, reinvested dividends, splits, LT and ST gains for tax reporting is a dream come true. In the past I did all of the above with pencil and paper. The feature of being able to see my portfolio diversification as to company size and industries is a great concept. One of the greatest functions in my opinion is the Price Alerts. This function will inform me when my expected buy or sell price is reached. I appreciate the support by telephone and e-mail from your staff. Keep up the great work."

"I have been using PRK for about three years. I think the new PRK is an excellent program. I have about 15 years worth of records (including hundreds of little drip's) entered. That's two whole file drawers full of paper transactions that are backed up on one little disk that I can put in my safe deposit box. I find all the reports very accurate. I've also found tech support to be extremely prompt and knowledgeable. Over this past labor day holiday, Matt Willms helped me through a problem....even sent e-mail on holiday Monday. This is the guy who owns the business. I don't think you'll get that from Microsoft! They seem to be constantly improving and will consider your suggestions. I have been using PRK since the first version. Each new version has been a great improvement by adding new features. It now does everything that I want. When it does a lot of things you want, then there are a few things to learn. The backup support is outstanding either by phone or email."

"Your software is great and getting better. I have an accountant do my taxes and since I have records to give him using your software, my bill was cut in half. And the fact that I can look over my investments so quickly makes my life a lot easier, especially knowing when the stocks are going long term. Good job."

"Recently I decided to buy the new NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper Program that is advertised in Better Investing. I thought long and hard before I ordered it because I felt it might be too difficult for me to learn--I'm a great grandmother. I didn't need to worry. If I had a question, I sent an E-Mail or phoned for assistance. Tech support always answered right away and talked me through any problem I had. They were very patient and explained everything. After I worked with the program for a while, I realized it was not as difficult as I imagined. The reports are especially nice. For instance, I can designate any period of time and get the income received for that period. When tax time rolls around, this program will be very helpful. I would recommend this program to any investor."

"I have been using PRK. I think it is great! It generates so many good reports and really helps you to see the real returns of your investments. This program sure beats the old manual way we had of keeping track of stocks. Since I now know the real IRR I have reassessed my portfolio and have made some changes – sold and bought - to hopefully get better results in the future. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making this a great program for the ordinary investor."

"PRK has been the only one that I have used for the last five or more years. It's great and the personal help I have gotten is unequaled in all of my computer experiences. I couldn't do without your program. I am miles ahead of the others in keeping track of the extensive investment in the market."

"I have been investing with NAIC for 15 years using programs I developed on 123 to track my stocks and report on conditions. PRK does that and more. I still use my 123 programs and maybe it is more nostalgic than necessary but I'm used to it. I won't give up PRK however and if there is a choice I'll save PRK. I like the fact I can update everything in 5 minutes with a quick download from the Internet and import to PRK. Thanks again, your work is appreciated."

"In my opinion PRK is one of the best bargains in investment record keeping software today. It is user friendly and helps busy investors keep track of all transactions related to performance and taxes. PRK is an invaluable decision-making tool for estate planning and execution."

"I manage money for a number of clients, as well as my own, and find your PRK software very intuitive, practical and cost effective from a portfolio management standpoint."

"Keep up the good work. PRK remains the only program able to deal correctly with all of the spin-offs and mergers in the telecommunications industry!"

"The more I use the program the more I just love it. Terrific program."

"Thank you for a fine, inexpensive way to manage multiple portfolios."

"I appreciate the fact that my PRK data is on my hard drive and not being dependent on the online services to maintain my data or being online to get any info. I've installed PRK on my laptop and use it at airports, trains, etc. to examine reports without being online. A great time saver. The ease of using PRK is terrific. I have so much control of my data being off line. There is a lot of flexibility with the reports, combinations, selecting certain asset types, etc. The graphs and bar charts are visual reports so valuable. Thanks to those techs at PRK. The program really works and does a great job. A real time saver, best I've ever had."

"PRK is an efficient way to track costs of DRIPs and monitor my stock purchases."

"I was looking for a replacement for the investment function of Quicken that would also give correct IRR figures. I am very happy with PRK."

"As a user of Portfolio Record Keeper user for many years, I wish to commend you for its superior performance. I've tried them all – and bar none -- it's the BEST piece of software I've ever owned. As an income-tax accountant with 30 years experience, I've learned (over-time) that tracking "cost basis" in a stock/mutual fund portfolio is extremely important to the investor -- better known as the "taxpayer." Without accurate records, the "taxpayer" could possibly find him/herself in the unfortunate position of "donating" to the IRS without informed consent. Moreover, if you own & use this software, your accountant will LOVE you! And possibly, you might even get your tax return done faster! All that's needed is the presentation of "hard-copies" of the investment portfolio income/sales records to the accountant. He/she can then compare them to the 1099's, which by-passes the endless time it takes to contact each stockbroker(s)/mutual fund for verification of often-times lengthy (& perhaps even purged) long term holdings. The software gives the INVESTOR decision-making capability -- a permanent (long-term) record of each & every holding one has ever had since the Civil War - its ROI, where it's been, how long held, mistakes which have possibly been made in investment strategy, etc. This software program WORKS! And it's accurate to a gnat's eye. I'd give up my "husband" before I'd give up Portfolio Record Keeper. Thanks Guys, for marketing a SUPERIOR piece of software at an affordable price - & thanks to your brilliant programmers as well. Perhaps Bill Gates doesn't REALLY have it ALL - after all?"

"I have been using PRK and have made it my main record accounting system for my investments. I have suggested this software to a number of my friends and they have ordered it."

"PRK exceeds any record keeping program we have ever used. I've enjoyed the ease of obtaining quotes, reports, and editing. I recently started to use the calendar and price alerts and it makes my record keeping and investment decisions so much easier. Using this program, I think of how much time I am saving. The reports are detailed and very useful. The year-end tax report for capital gains can be included in the one's tax return as a schedule attached. The ease of updating with current quotes is terrific. I especially like the feature that my personal data is maintained right in my home on my hard drive and also backed up with a diskette. Thanks for a great tool. I wish I had it years ago. What more could anyone want!!!"

"Over the last two weeks I have tried out a couple of dozen portfolio managers but none of them has offered the strength and features of PRK. Almost all of the others track total return, etc. but are terrible at offering adequate reporting or providing good cost basis information. I even looked at some high-end programs, but these were noticeably weak and unstable. I keep coming back to PRK. I don't think one exists that can do what PRK does. Thanks for the great support! This is in praise of NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper. I've had the copy for a couple of years and I'm very pleased with it. In fact, I now couldn't get along without it. I have several clients for whom I've placed in a large family balanced mutual fund and in a reliable equipment leasing partnership that throws off monthly distributions. The distributions are sent directly to the mutual fund for further investment. The NAIC program not only does an excellent job of keeping the detailed records; it also makes it easy for me to run off a summary that dramatically demonstrates the advantages of dollar cost averaging. Another joy is the help I get when I get into trouble. I just dial a number and get instant expert guidance. No interminable waits, no fifty dollar charges for a 900 number, and no help from some apprentice who may well get me into more trouble than I started out with. For a computer nerd like me, it's very comforting to know I'm not alone. And the price is right. I would much rather have Portfolio Record Keeper at its competitive price than some of the other programs I've been offered that cost 10 to 20 times as much and include a lot of Portfolio Theory, bells and whistles that are incomprehensible to the client and of no use to me. Keep it up, your outfit rates an A++."

"If you own stocks or mutual funds, through regular purchases or a DRIP program, NAIC's Portfolio Record Keeper is a must have program. Whether you buy or sell, you won't have to scratch your head or guess at tax time, for those answers will be at your finger tips, right within your PRK records. With this program, a non-professional can easily maintain their investment portfolio in a professional manner. There is no other program on the market like it for such a low cost."

"I agree with you, Chuck. And even for those who use a professional accountant, his fee will be greatly reduced if he's provided with that time saving printout from PRK."

"I started using the PRK to do the accounting for our employee pension trust and personal investments. For 5 years I used a popular accounting program (Q______) to track earnings and print out reports for the accountant, but when I discovered Personal Record Keeper, my year ending accounting nightmare ended. I now enjoy keeping track of the portfolios using PRK. Stock splits and mergers were a nightmare with Q______; splits were treated equally for all portfolios, although the statement indicated differently. Transferring portfolios to brokerages also was a headache, but it's no problem with PRK. Anyone, who needs to track the earnings and performance of their investments will be very satisfied with PRK. I know I have not utilized the full capabilities of the program yet, but from what I have used, I am very satisfied. I love using the program!"

"What a wonderful program! All data from 1982 is there and correct. The graphs are beautiful. The addition of the IRR for individual stocks was necessary to make it a great program. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening."

"Believe me you can't go wrong with PRK. Over the years I have tried many financial software and accounting systems and found PRK to be the best and easiest to use. I have a variety of investment situations and they all pass the test. You can't go wrong on the reasonable price either. I rate tech support as the best - AAA."

"PRK is a lifesaver at tax time! Short term & long term gains and losses clearly separated for easy tax preparation. My accountant asked me what program I use, and now he recommends it to his clients! Great for stock splits, dividend reinvestments, spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions. All the tough stuff."

"I applaud your efforts to improve the PRK. You were successful! As you know I am a long, long time user of your program, and I have been very pleased with it and especially with your patience and willingness to help me as a user. This is by far the best revision of the program yet. Any new user will be pleasantly pleased with its ease of use. I have said on many occasions that your program is one of the best-kept secrets in the portfolio management software business. Thanks again, for putting together an excellent product and for focusing on user needs. P.S. As you know I manage many portfolios for clients, and I have found that the PRK is easier to use and better than any of the others that I have tried; and, believe me, I have tried quite a few."

"Every year as April 15 approaches, I find Portfolio Record Keeper worth its price. Taxes are a bit less taxing thanks to the "Sold Securities" reports."

"I just loaded the next version of PRK and am surprised and happy about your improvements. Over the past 5 years, your software continues to improve with each version. Thanks!"

"Dear QUANT IX: Thanks for the speedy response. It's so nice to work with a company that actually does respond when I send them a question via e-mail. Keep up the great work!"

"Thanks for creating an upgrade of substance, not just whistles and bells. I've just read in Forbes, June 12 issue, pg 286 "No, you still can't buy cheap off-the-shelf software that will allocate all your investments tax efficiently." (re: long and short term gains and loses and allocating lots to sell) Boy are they wrong! I feel fortunate to be a user of PRK----keep up the good work!"

"Wow!! What a major improvement. For several years, I probably irritated QUANT IX SOFTWARE by telling them what PRK needed to do to become as good as Quicken. As far as I am concerned, you have done it! I now prefer PRK."

"Just installed the new version of PRK. I Love it! Very easy to navigate. Saves lots of previously needed steps. I haven't found all the goodies yet, but am looking forward to getting more into it. Congratulations on a super new product."

"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new version of Portfolio Record Keeper. It is much easier to understand than the previous versions…I really enjoy working with this one. I am not a computer whiz, just a beginner. This new version makes it very easy for me to keep up with all my investments."

"It looks like am I fully upgraded and working! You have been really responsive, and I have enjoyed your software for a number of years now. Thanks!"

"Just a note let you know I recently purchased the NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper and like the package very much. I purchase DRIP investments and this program is excellent for keeping track of all of the transactions."

"I have your NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper which is doing a great job for me. Received your upgrade NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper. PRK is the best of everything that is on the market. I love Portfolio Record Keeper."

"Thanks for your time and also for PRK. I know I will love the update, can't live without my PRK the way it is!"

"The NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper demonstrations I did last weekend at the Washington State Investors Fair were very successful. Many people were very impressed with the software's ability to track many types of assets, splits, spin-offs, DRIPs, diversification, time-weighted performance and comparison to various indices, selection of specific blocks of the asset when selling, and reports showing taxable and non-taxable interest, dividends, short and long-term capital gains and losses for the year by company. In a word, they were wowed."

"I would like you to know how pleased I am with the Portfolio Record Keeper. It is truly a pleasure to use. I have a very good friend who is a stockbroker and who speaks negatively about Dividend Reinvestment Plans for obvious reasons. One of his main arguments is the record keeping aspects. Your software certainly diffuses that argument. The reporting capabilities are outstanding and provide me with everything I need. I rarely have purchased software and found it to exceed my expectations and the claim in the marketing materials. Keep up the good work."

"I just love my Portfolio Record Keeper. I don't think there is a better one on the market. Service has been great."

"I purchased your NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper several months ago and have all of my portfolio information on it. I found it to be the best program I have seen for the purpose for which it is intended."

"I would like you to know that my wife and I think PRK is fantastic! Wish it had been available a few years ago when we were figuring the cost basis on my company stock that has been in a drip since 1972. After 3 stock splits and one spin-off, a number of phone calls to the IRS for clarification of their Publication 550, we got it done. After feeding all that information into PRK a few months ago, and seeing how quickly and easily it did the job, we're convinced that computers are here to stay."

"I have to tell you that NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper is the greatest. I am so glad I upgraded and mostly want to say that the developers have personally returned my phone calls, promptly answered my desperate e-mail messages and solved every beginner problem I have had. The software is great and I am so happy that the program has been developed for new investors like me. This program has been the reason I have started investing for my grandchildren through NAIC's low cost investment plan. All the features allow me to manage our portfolios and theirs in separate accounts. It's wonderful."

"I have been using PRK for several weeks now and I want to tell you I think it is a great program, easy to use, fast and very versatile."

"NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper is a very good software product and has never let me down. I use PRK to keep records on about 90 stocks. I used another product for several years as a backup to PRK, but it failed so bad that now I only use PRK. Thank you again for your help and the very good software you have provided me."

"Thanks a million. Love Portfolio Record Keeper."

"I really appreciate your software especially when dealing with spin-offs. I can't image figuring the cost basis on a zillion purchases and reinvestments by hand. Keep up the good work."

"I have been using the program you sent me and it has worked perfectly. The program is everything I need to keep accurate and sophisticated records of my stock investments. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I have been putting your program through its paces to be absolutely sure there are no problems. There are none that I can find! This program is going to make doing taxes much easier."