Top Pick 2008

Updated Review
November / December 2008 – Portfolio Manager Top Pick Once Again!

BetterInvesting™ Portfolio Manager was once again chosen as Top Pick in Computerized Investing Products 2008 by the Computerized Investing Staff of AAII (American Association of Individual Investors).  Click here for a PDF review of the full article.


Top Pick 2007

July / August 2007

Reprinted from the July/August 2007 issue of Computerized Investing, with permission from the American Association of Individual Investors, 625 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60611;

Comparison: Portfolio Management Software Programs
By Cara Scatizzi

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No matter the size of a portfolio or the depth of investment knowledge, every investor needs a portfolio management tool to track investments and generate accurate performance reports. Portfolio management allows investors to organize investments, track portfolio performance, and assess a portfolio’s asset mix; most will also offer assistance at tax time. The system will also track buys, sells, dividends, splits and other transactions within a portfolio for a variety of securities. Performance data can be measured over various timeframes and most programs will allow users to graph and print reports.

This comparison examines portfolio management software systems designed to help you accomplish these tasks.

BetterInvesting Portfolio Manager

Previously called NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper and a top pick once again, the BetterInvesting Portfolio Manager is a comprehensive portfolio management tool. You can track an unlimited number of portfolios and an unlimited number of securities in each portfolio. Securities handled include the typical cash, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and options, as well as preferred stock, government and agency bonds, and tax-exempt bonds. The program handles transactions associated with these securities including purchases and sales, various types of dividends, spin-offs, mergers and dividend reinvestment plans.




This latest version of Portfolio Manager has over 35 reports, 15 more than reported in our last comparison two years ago. You can see your portfolio’s current value, unrealized gains and losses, income received, capital gain distributions, commissions paid, portfolio allocation and diversification, cash flow projections, performance measurements, asset maturity schedule, transaction ledger and tax-related reports.  Reports can be customized and run in batches. Both value- and time-weighted returns are calculated in CFA Institute compliant methodologies.

One drawback to the program is that Portfolio Manager offers the ability to download from only 12 financial institutions via OFX and QFX. However, some of the most popular brokerage firms are included, so a number of investors will be able to use that option. Portfolio Manager offers a wizard to assist with transaction imports, making the process relatively easy. Imports, however, were not always accurate and a few discrepancies were found in our test samples using Scottrade and E*Trade.  Transactions can also be entered manually, a process that is simple but, for investors with large portfolios and extensive transaction histories, may be time consuming. Portfolio Manager also offers portfolio alerts based on various price and volume targets.

BetterInvesting’s Portfolio Manager is easy to use and provides a wealth of reports and customization capabilities to fit any investor’s needs. Investors of all levels will find that monitoring and analyzing their portfolios with this program is not only easy and highly intuitive, but can also be a pleasant experience.