Maintenance Release

BetterInvesting™ Portfolio Manager v5

Please regularly check to verify that you are using the most recent version 5. These releases will continually add new features, as well as fix any bugs that are found. To verify you are using the latest release, open your copy of Portfolio Manager and select the Help Menu | Check for Updates choice. This choice will automatically verify that you are using the latest version of the software. If not, you'll be prompted to download the latest maintenance release.

Maintenance Release v5.3.0 (posted 04/07/2010)

  • New improved portfolio setup wizard to allow editing cost basis details as part of creating portfolios; or downloading all available transaction history from financial institutions.
  • Ability to create portfolios, downloading all available transaction history from financial institutions.
  • Ability to import broker OFX QFX files to create portfolios.
  • Ability to import Microsoft Money QIF historical transaction files.
  • Necessary changes to reflect new OCC option symbol requirements.
  • New distribution as a downloadable demo that can be activated to a full version.
  • New condensed toolbar with new choice for entering 'Quick' transactions.
  • New 'Enter New Transaction' form utilizing drop down choices for security name or security symbol.
  • Modified the Internet price updating feature to include a form allowing for Other Investment types to be manually updated.
  • Modified OFX import / download to account for 'OpeningSale' and 'BuytoClose' activity.
  • Corrected OFX import to account for broker download sorting of OFX files.
  • Modified multiple reports to allow double-sided printing.
  • New option when printing the Sold Securities Report to include the Capital Gains Distribution Report for the selected portfolio(s).
  • Corrections to performance reports for short sale activities.
  • Updated Portfolio Manager manual in PDF format.
  • Revised Online Help system.